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About the web site
Allan Borgen, in conjunction with Professional Marketing Group, is pleased to share with the public his personal restaurant picks.  Having eaten and reviewed over 1200 restaurants, Allan knows what he likes and loves to share it with other people.  We’re glad you are visiting with us and hope you find this Web Site as enjoyable and informative as we intended to make it.  We welcome any comments or suggestions. Email us and we’ll consider including your comments in future updates.

About the show!
Let's Dine Out Restaurant Review & Food Show is a half hour show which is taped in front of a live studio audience. Allan & Jodé review two restaurants using rating system of 100 points: 25 for Food, Ambiance, Service and Value. Between the critiques, a short segment is featured.
Allan Borgen & Jodé Hyman
The Let's Dine Out philosophy is to provide a vehicle through which the viewing public can be both informed and entertained with respect to dining out and food issues and to target all viewers who love to dine out, enjoy cooking, entertaining and traveling.  "We want to educate our viewers and turn them on to new cuisine, restaurants and cultures."

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About Allan Borgen

For the last 15 years, Allan Borgen has been building a loyal audience as a respected restaurant critic that people can both trust and identify with.  He has been both the host and producer of the show for the past 12 years, and currently is the restaurant critic for the San Bernardino County Sun and the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin newspapers and is a member of the Southern California Restaurant Writers and the International Association of Food, Wine and Travel Writers.